Ferry Schedules

Ferry schedules may be changed without prior notice.

JejuChuja ChujaJeju
Please contact the Customer Service Center. (1688-2100)

* You may be refused boarding without your ID or after the check-in/boarding deadlines.



  • New Dream

    Car ferry via Chuja island famous for fishing and Olle Trekking Route

    • Capacity : 250 passengers, 35 cars
    • Duration : 02hr 10mins
    • Fares(Adult) : KRW 26,250~ (Jeju↔Wando)
      KRW 11,050~ (Jeju↔Chuja)
      KRW 23,050~ (Wando↔Chuja)
    • Terminals : Pier 2, Jeju Port
      Shinyang Ferry Terminal
      Wando Costal Ferry Terminal